Volkswagen Passat CC V6 4Motion test

Above the rest. Volkswagen Passat CC V6 4Motion
According to Volkswagen, the new Passat CC is the realisation of a dream…A dream taht would see them create ‘a car for the people’. One that would allow more people to step up the range and experience the luxury of the 4-door coupe class that has been led by Mercedes and its CLS.

If nothing else, the Passat Comfort Coupe has charisma, which is something of a revelation for VW, which has always had a reputation for producing pretty non-descript cars. The Passat CC steps out of this shadow with its elegantly seductive silhouette.

Volkswagen Passat CC V6 4Motion Keeping with tradition here on Maxi Test, we opted to test the most powerful version in the range – a 300bhp V6, complete with the new 4Motion system, which was particularly apt given the conditions in which our test took place. Couple with the DSG gearbox, this direct injection engine is perfect for the CC, which does a good job of minimizing noise for the driver. It’s definitely comfortable…we felt like we were in our own cocoon.

There’s also and adaptive suspension system, which varies the way it behaves depending on the road conditions. The V6 version comes with three chassis modes as standard: Normal, Sport and Comfort. Your selection impacts on both the suspension and the steering. It means that Passat CC can either be comfortable like a large luxury saloon or dynamic like a coupe – VW demonstrating that the Passat has plenty of ambition and many strong points.

Volkswagen Passat CC V6 4Motion The Passat CC is clever. Its fluid lines make it stand out from other Volkswagens. It’s longer and wider than the standard Passat. Its high waistband and relatively small side windows accentuate its coupe styling. But despite that, it is still recognizable as a Volkswagen. This is a sign of VW’s styling intentions, which will also be clear on the Scirocco, which we will have for you during the summer.

With modern styling and the latest in engine and chassis technology, the Passat CC is carefully crafted, but Volkswagen didn’t stop there. This car also has the latest in safety systems, such as Lane Assist, which helps the driver stay in lane, as well as Park Assist, which can park the car all on its own. There’s also Front Assist, which kicks in in case of frontal dangers.
Volkswagen Passat CC V6 4Motion
It creates a real sense of safety when on board. Inside, it’s carefully differentiated from a standard Passat. There are certain styling cues taken from the Phaeton. The dash has a number of new features, while the seats are sports-styled. All-in-all, it’s about quality.

Volkswagen’s new Passat CC has a bright future. Well, brighter than the Phaeton, at least. Sales ambitions are around 300,000 during the lifetime of the vehicle, which is probably a credible objective…if nothing else, because it doesn’t really have any competition…

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