Peugeot Coupé 407 test

Intro: The future is assured

Peugeot Coupé 407The lineage of the Peugeot coupés is assured; the new coupé 407 is more feline than ever before...with a sharp look, a calculated attack on the market, the Lion brand is once again flexing its claws. It will have to do at least that to take over where the immensely successful 406 left off with its unapproachable reputation.

Esthetique: Racy

Peugeot Coupé 407Without a doubt its strongest quality is its cat like allure.... Very profiled lines with a racy and aggressive style...all of this thanks to a lowered windscreen bay and its very small side windows. Peugeot has come up with a very impressive coupé and they did it without the help of Pinanfarina.

Heavily inspired from the sedan, the 407 coupé is longer and larger than its predecessor; it is even as long as a five series BMW. The centre of gravity has been lowered. And even if one believes the contrary, it hasn‘t borrowed a single element from the saloon bodywork.

Style has also been refined in the interior. The package is, indeed, very tidy . To differentiate itself from the saloon, the driving position was lowered and brought back, and thanks to the "integrated leather" option, the dashboard and seats are equipped with confection of fancy leather. A few aluminium and chrome inserts add an elegant touch and the interior is equally spacious and comfortable. And the volume capacity was well thought out for a coupé.

Motorization: All V6

Peugeot Coupé 407
There are three engine options. First, there is a 163 horsepower 2.2-litre petrol, and then there is the engine, which came in our test car, the 211 horsepower 3-litre V6. We’ll come back to this later, but know that because of a poorly staged gearbox and the car’s weight of 1700 kilograms, this V6 seriously lacks punch. However, there is a diesel engine option with the coupé 407. A V6 created in partnership with Ford, which develops 204 horsepower and torque measuring in at 440 Newton metres.

On the road: Like a saloon

Peugeot Coupé 407What is most impressive in the coupé 407 is the soundproofing. It is about as close to perfection as you can get, yet, while the engine noise is minimal the V6 does struggle. When you step on the gas, the weight of the car slows acceleration. To make up for this you must go down a gear to use the engine revs and it is then that you realise that the gearbox is not in step with the V6.

On the winding Andalusian roads, we constantly solicited the torque of the motor from 5000 rpm, which results in a fuel consumption of 300km for 65 litres of petrol. A shame really, because Peugeot certainly has the know how in terms of handing and if this coupé was 300 kilos lighter and had a few more horses it would be hard to beat.

Be that as it may when driving in a more controlled manner, on the highway for example, the coupé racks up the kilometres in exemplary comfort with road handling worthy of a saloon. What separates it from its predecessor is that has a distinct identity compared to a 406 saloon. The coupé 407 is closer to a two-door 407 when it some s to design and road handling. That being said, Peugeot should be able to anticipate some success... as much as it doesn’t have to fear any real predators, the coupé from the Lion brand could be set to rule a new territory.

Airbag conducteurS
Airbag passagerS
Airbag rideauxS
Airbag latérauxS
Airbag antipatinageS
Lecteur CDS
Navigateur GPSO
Peinture métalliséeO
Roues alliagesS
Sellerie cuirS
Toit ouvrant-

Characteristic Peugeot Coupé 407

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