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PEUGEOT 407 V6 3.0l test


After the tame 607, here is the bestial, animalistic 407. A mega wager for Peugeot. Renewing its M2 segment sedan is always a risky affair. They must remain devoted to their tradition while innovating, pleasing a loyal cliental and go after an all-new one at the same time, to distinguish themselves without shocking anyone, anyway, this is no small task, but Peugeot is ready to put it all on the line to assert themselves.


PEUGEOT 407 V6 3.0lThe new 407 has an awesome presence, with its aggressive front end and enormous air intake. It’s bold but it is a major reason why the 407 has its unique personality. Its long bonnet where the large lights are neatly encrusted produces an aspect of fluidity. Its lines are both tight and shapely. The short and compact back end highlights its style while maintaining an aesthetic balance. Its ruby coloured break lights contribute to the car’s elegance. In the inside, everything is new as well. The dashboard has nothing in common with the predecessor, 406. Our test model came with the Sport Pack. The touches of leather, chrome and carbon have been incorporated enhancing the style of the 407. Tremendous progress has been made to the finish but it has not yet achieved the level of its German counterparts. An important detail is the inclusion of no less than 9 airbags, with new ones being installed on the steering column. The seats offer an exemplary support and comfort while the rear seats offer the passengers have plenty of room for their legs.

Motorization: CREAMY SMOOTH

PEUGEOT 407 V6 3.0lOnce on the road, the 407 doesn’t go unnoticed. It is a superb balance of sport and grace. Under the bonnet, that still does not open with a lifting jack, the famous 3-litre V6 that has been given an extra 5 horsepower and 5 Newton metres of torque. Supple and smooth, its 211 horsepower are most welcome to counter the weight of the car. The 407 weighs no less than 1585 kilograms, due to safety concerns and the equipment. Under acceleration, the V6 saves the day for the 407 and silences the criticism of its weight. However, the six-speed automatic gearbox is poorly staged and provides no help to the motor. Even worse is its mixed consumption, which will require its owner to make many trips to the petrol pump. The 407 will inherit in the near future the well-known 200 horsepower V6 Hdi, which was conceived in partnership with Ford. This power plant will no doubt be a big boost to future 407s.


PEUGEOT 407 V6 3.0lAt Peugeot, their cars have always had the reputation of being a nearly ideal compromise between comfort and efficiency, and with the 407 they have once again been successful in terms of road behaviour. The 407 is nothing less than impressive. Unquestionable effectiveness and difficult to find the smallest weakness : absorption, traction, rolling, front to rear balance, all of which borders perfection. Attacking the smaller secondary roads poses no problems whatsoever. The 407 follows the driver’s rhythm without a fuss in complete security. The competition will have some serious issues to try and keep up with the new Peugeot! The steering is both precise and agreeable. The driver easily finds his ideal driving position in the ever so comfortable seats, more proof of a successful compromise between firmness and comfort. In conclusion, this all-new Peugeot 407 has a bright future ahead of it. It has it all to be the leader in its segment. The competition could have reason to be nervous, beginning with the Renault Laguna 2, the 407’s biggest rival who will introduce its new restyling next November, but will it be enough? The Audi A4 and VW Passat are also in its sights; the battle lines are set to be drawn... stay tuned !

Airbag conducteurS
Airbag passagerS
Airbag rideaux-
Airbag latérauxS
Airbag antipatinageS
Lecteur CDS
Navigateur GPS-
Peinture métalliséeO
Roues alliagesS
Sellerie cuirO
Toit ouvrantO

Characteristic PEUGEOT 407 V6 3.0l

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