Peugeot 308CC test

Peugeot 308CC
Peugeot 308CCAfter presenting it to the world at the Paris Motor Show, Peugeot has finally put the 308CC on sale…

Peugeot is a leader in the segment having already built nearly 650,000 coupé cabriolets. The 308CC should continue the trend.

Peugeot 308CCIn comparison to the 307CC, opening the roof shouldn’t take more than 20 seconds. Peugeot decided not to go with a glass roof but this one can be opened while in motion…but only open to 12km/h, which isn’t much good while driving around town, but is practical whilst in traffic.

Peugeot 308CCThe slimmed down 308CC should be more of a charmer than its predecessor. Many observers thought the 307CC back end was too massive. The lines of the 308 are more refined thanks in large part to the chrome encircling the license plate and the two black air diffusers.

Peugeot 308CCFrom the side, you can see how the lines form a wave in the bodywork, which gives the 308CC an innovative style. There isn’t anything new at the front, except for the accentuated angle of the wind screen that adds to the coupe effect.

The first thing you’ll notice when at the wheel is the more ergonomic, easier to use and aesthetically more pleasing central console. The steering wheel is brand new. The seats were purpose built for the 308CC with a heating system for the neck like Mercedes but with these you can adjust the direction the air is blown. And this latest Peugeot hasn’t forgotten that it is a convertible four-passenger car.

Peugeot 308CCThe sun was shining during our test but thermostat never passed 5° Celsius…but we still dropped the top and thanks to the neck heater, heated seats and air net it was a pleasure. The steering is also new. It has been lightened to compensate for the overall weight of the car. A little surprising at first but it doesn’t take long to get used to.

The chassis is as stiff as you like as is the handling. The 150 brake horsepower 1600 turrbo engine in the 308 does the job very nicely and this CC can also be had with the less powerful 140bhp 2-litre Hdi motor.

Peugeot 308CCWith a design a bit more consensual than its predecessor, the Peugeot 308CC should quickly fine its rightful place in the market. In as much as the new Renault Megane CC isn’t quite ready for release and the Volkswagen Eos is beginning to show a bit of age and the Ford Focus CC isn’t up to par.

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