Mercedes CLK 500 test


Mercedes CLK 500Already alluring before, this new CLK, is 100% new; it is even more fluid, dynamic and elegant in style. More middle-class of Great Tourism dedicated to the long motorway ways than sporting, this new CLK has what allures the fans of the kind of car.

Esthetique: ELEGANT

Mercedes CLK 500The more elegant interior of new Mercedes CLK takes again optics in double ellipse of the Class C and its rear gains in smoothness, in particular thanks to lights with the more modern design. But it is in the profile were the CLK evolves the most, by giving up the central amount what offers to the CLK of the false airs of the Half-compartment CL Its habitability gains in space even if the back places remain tight for adults. As for its instrument panel, it was entirely reconsidered without giving up the style of Mercedes.

Motorization: V8, 306 BHP, 250 KM/H., WHO COULD ASK FOR

Mercedes CLK 500Mercedes proposes no less than seven motor choices, including one surprising 4 cylinder with direct injection gasoline baptized cgi, and even one 5 cylinder fed with the Diesel. The model for our test is equipped with V8 and 306 bhp. It distils a sonority particularly intoxicating. Downtown, the marriage between the sequential automatic five speed gearbox with and allows it to run on a drop of gas, in a comfort and a silence of pleasant operation.

On the road: KING OF THE ROAD

Mercedes CLK 500Above all, the Mercedes CLK is not at ease on small sinuous roads and is handicapped by its consequent weight of 1 660 kilos and its automatic box which is not sporty in the management of the high speeds However, the life of the brakes as well as the remarkable vitality of the engine partially erases this relative idleness. Once on motorway, the new CLK becomes the king. Comfort and approval are then its Masters words.

Modèle / Model CLK 500
Airbag conducteur / Driver's Airbag S
Airbag passager / Passenger's Airbag S
Airbags latéraux / Side Airbags O
Antipatinage / Antiskating S
Climatisation / Air Conditionning O
Lecteur CD / CD Player O
Navigateur GPS / GPS Navigation O
Peinture métallisée / Metallic Painting O
Roues alliages / Alloy Wheels S
Sellerie cuir / Leather Triming O
Toit ouvrant / Sunroof _
S = Série - O = Option

Characteristic Mercedes CLK 500

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