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Maserati Spyder CambiocorsaPresented in Frankfurt, last September, the Maserati Spyder forms part (with the coupe and future Quattroporte, all children of the 3200GT) of the vehicles, which must ensure the rectification and the return to the foreground of this subsidiary company of FIAT. With the Spyder equipped with the cambiocorsa gearbox and whole new 4,3 litre house, the trident mark is on the right path.


Maserati Spyder CambiocorsaThe designer Giugiaro was already filled with enthusiasm at the time of the presentation, in 1998, of the 3200 GT, in the revival of Maserati, the Spyder is in the same vein. Large almond eyes and malicious mouth surrounding the trident, the front end combines style and power while sending a small covering joint towards the past. Superb.
More debatable, on the other hand, the rear with its luminous blocks marrying the rounded-off edges disappeared in favour of more traditional elements, perhaps a little more in agreement with the general style of the car. But more common as well. Too bad. The Spyder adopts two arches with a very simple design, decorated of a net anti-movement. The environment is at the same time smart and sporting, an austere bit. One notes the presence of the clock, to the purest pre-1940s style above an ultra modern console with a hand free telephone, digital screen gathering displaying all the information, air-conditioning with the GPS while passing by the car radio. Below, essential controls: the sport command and a disconnection button for the driving aides.


Maserati Spyder CambiocorsaThis V8 of 4,3 litres is the pride of the Modena factory whose destinies have been in the hands of Ferrari since 1997. The engine of Spyder is rather similar to that of the Modena even if it presents a higher cubic capacity of 700cc. For all of that, the Modena remains more powerful (400ch against 390) but much less torquey. It is quite clearly a marketing question: Ferrari is the sport model and Maserati is the Grand Touring. In spite of its 1630 kg, the Spyder swallows the 0 to 100km/h in 5... Thanks to its V8. Rigorous, stripped of the least inertia, it flirts briskly with the red zone with its fulgurating acceleration. And then there is, as on the Ferrari, the gear box paddles at the steering wheel which gives the name to this version of the Spyder: Cambiocorsa.


Maserati Spyder CambiocorsaAs of the first turns of the wheels, the feeling at the wheel is summarized with the captivating noise of a V8. Which adds to that of the tires. Equipped with a wheelbase of 2,44 m, that is to say 22 cm less than the coupe, a true 2+2, Spyder is a ball of nerves, which utilizes its rubber as well in turns as it does during braking. For a little, it is more difficult to drive than that of the Ferrari 575 MM (see in addition), which is 125 horse power more powerful! But, as with Ferrari, one is not long in choosing the sport position in order to benefit from a passage of the energetic gears. The more one flirts with the red zone, the faster one goes, the electronics are more effective. A true treat, accompanied by the noise of aspiration by an injection which one believed forever completed. Once the control aides are disconnected, it is better to have a lighter foot on the pedal on the right-hand side. Always also sharp and taking always a little too much rolling in the sporting mode, the Spyder agrees to slide. Initially at the front, and then the back, in a beautiful easily controllable slide... in the condition of taking off in time.

Modèle / Model
Airbag conducteur / Driver's Airbag S
Airbag passager / Passenger's Airbag S
Airbags latéraux / Side Airbags S
Antipatinage / Antiskating S
Climatisation / Air Conditionning S
Lecteur CD / CD Player S
Navigateur GPS / GPS Navigation S
Peinture métallisée / Metallic Painting S
Roues alliages / Alloy Wheels S
Sellerie cuir / Leather Triming S
Toit ouvrant / Sunroof S
S = Série - O = Option

Characteristic Maserati Spyder Cambiocorsa

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