Honda CR-V 2003 test


Honda CR-V 2003Launched in 1996 to face the offensive of the Toyota RAV 4, the Honda CR-V offers a cure of renovation to celebrate its six years of existence. Today, it is thus a very new car which leaves to attack a segment in full expansion and from now on well-known under the name of SUV, that is to say an all-road leisure vehicle


Honda CR-V 2003The Honda CR-V has grown five centimetres in length and three in height result: this second generation takes the form of a large fighter in order to play without fear of the competition. Except optics with the characteristic designs inaugurated by the Civic, the general line has not evolved too much. The stern adopts imposing rear vertical lights, and the unit appears more massive than before. The opening of the trunk is done by only one holding and offers an honourable volume of loading of 530 dm3. The atmosphere of the interior is rather sad. The instrument panel resembles a catalogue of all the hard plastics existing on the market. However, the completion is very correct and the equipment more than complete. The increase in the external template is felt in the inside and the new CR-V gains in habitability. Its modularity is set, with a sliding, fractional and folding backbench, which makes it possible to vary space as you wish.

Motorization: JOVIAL FELLOW

Honda CR-V 2003Under the hood of the Honda CR-V, one finds the motorization which animates the Stream - the monospace of the brand is a four cylinders in line two litres off capacity of variable admission. It develops 150 horsepower at 6 500 rpm and a torque measuring 192 Nm at 4 000 rpm. Ill-tempered and full of life, it answers perfectly to what waits for from a Honda engine. It even manages to give feelings to its driver in spite of the high weight of the animal: almost 1500 Kg. On the other side of the coin, it shows a serious appetite as soon as one accelerates the/rhythm. What then encourages to lift the foot and it is no worse because the CR-V, is built on the platform of the Civic, does not like to be knocked.


Honda CR-V 2003Its rather flexible damping makes the beautiful share with comfort, a rare asset on this type of vehicle usually firmly suspended with an aim of privileging the handling. The CR-V does not remain less healthy about it of behaviour; it presents only a light-rolling tendency. However, on wet ground, this SUV requires certain vigilance, the Bridgestone tires of origin do not like the rain and under steers. In short, the rigour is unsettling, unless one adopts a princely rhythm. To deserve its name of 4x4, the CR-V must prove reliable on all surfaces. Its transmission privileged with traction and it enters between the rear wheels in action only in the event of loss of adherence of the front wheels. The CR-V draws its pin rather well from the play, with a good motor function helped by the engine torque.

Modèle / Model S ES LS
Airbag conducteur / Driver's Airbag S S S
Airbag passager / Passenger's Airbag S S S
Airbags latéraux / Side Airbags S S S
Antipatinage / Antiskating S S S
Climatisation / Air Conditionning O S S
Lecteur CD / CD Player O O O
Navigateur GPS / GPS Navigation _ _ _
Peinture métallisée / Metallic Painting O O O
Roues alliages / Alloy Wheels O O S
Sellerie cuir / Leather Triming O O O
Toit ouvrant / Sunroof O O O
S = Série - O = Option

Characteristic Honda CR-V 2003

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