Honda Civic Type-R 2003 test


Honda Civic Type-R 2003After an unfolding of personality in 2000, the Honda Civic extrapolates the new small bomb of the family and is badged with the famous logo Type R. So to be worthy of this label, each model must not only be powerful but also offer an irreproachable road behaviour. Accomplished mission?


Honda Civic Type-R 2003The Honda Civic Type R is not made in discretion and raises a rather hyper aggressive look, resembling a competition-tuning car. One either likes or one not. Barded with imposing aerodynamic appendages, lowered by two centimetres, and wider in size, its panoply is complete, without forgetting the alloy rims or the extra-low sized tires.
In the interior, the small steering wheel with three spokes and the graduated rev counter going to 10 000 rpm leaves no doubt about the sporting vocation of this Civic. The gearshift lever, placed on the console, astonishes from the get go because it fits perfectly into the hand and controls a gearbox that is fast and precise.
Without air-conditioning, the equipment is reduced to a simpler expression while the quality of the instrument panel is not up to European standards. Realized without concession, the Type R is a disguised racing car as the bucket seats can testify.

Motorization: CHANGE AS OF 6 000 RPM

Honda Civic Type-R 2003Under the bonnet is revealed a true small jewel. Equipped with the VTEC system whose principal characteristic is the electronic control of the lifting of the valves, this two litre develops 200 horsepower at 7 400 rpm while the maximum torque measures196 Nm when 5 900 rpm is reached. From 6 000 rpm, and this, up to 8 000, all the cavalry is released, at the point to of having the impression of having a second engine.
Well assisted by a six-speed gearbox ideally staged, it answers whatever the allure present. However, if its sonority at the high revs is magical, its lack of discretion makes it sometimes tiring to exploit. In the low revs, it takes off silently and without balking. It takes the Civic along to a top speed of 235 km/h and traverses 0 to 100 km/h in only 6.8seconds in spite of a weighing in at 1200 Kgs. One can also salute its sobriety, which, in spite of its output, consumes less than 9 litres in mixed circulation.


Honda Civic Type-R 2003The engineers got busy to rigidify its rolling axles with great reinforcement of the anti-roll bars and harder shock absorbers, for the benefit of the behaviour of the Type R but to the detriment of its comfort. Stiff, the suspensions return the least inequalities of the roadway and the interior takes on the feeling of a shaker. However, in town, one appreciates the softness of the controls and the facility of control.
Then as if by magic, all the enumerated defects are transformed into quality as soon as one forces the pace. One then appreciates the firmness of the suspension, which improves the precision of control by helping the car to remain flat in the turns. The only reservation relates to motor function in the tight turns where the wheels spin rather quickly under re-acceleration. The phenomenon is not really awkward on dry road because it must wait for speeds more avowable to start it. On the other hand, on the wet, the Civic loses all its motor function and one considers it regrettable that Honda had not incorporated the technique of the Torsion differential which marvels on Integra and Standard Accord R.

Modèle / Model Type R
Airbag conducteur / Driver's Airbag S
Airbag passager / Passenger's Airbag S
Airbags latéraux / Side Airbags S
Antipatinage / Antiskating S
Climatisation / Air Conditionning O
Lecteur CD / CD Player O
Navigateur GPS / GPS Navigation _
Peinture métallisée / Metallic Painting S
Roues alliages / Alloy Wheels S
Sellerie cuir / Leather Triming O
Toit ouvrant / Sunroof _
S = Série - O = Option

Characteristic Honda Civic Type-R 2003

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