Ferrari F430 Vs Audi R8 test

Germany Versus ItalyFerrari F430 Vs Audi R8
Two monsters, two GTs, two of the most famous cars in the world. One German, one Italian…they’re different…incomparable, some might say. Yet they share something…they are both two-seater coupes with a rear-centre mounted V8 engine. It’s foe that reason that we wanted to put the Ferrari F430 and the Audi R8 up against each other.

Ferrari F430 Vs Audi R8
Ferrari…a marque with more than 60 years’ experience in producing exceptional cars…and Audi…while they’re definitely at the top of their game, the R8 is still a first for them. Both cars are inspired by racing – for the F430 it’s Formula One, while for the R8, it’s endurance racing. 110kg separates these tow vehicles…yep…the R8 is four wheel drive. And the 430 has an additional 70 horsepower. Ah yes, the engine: a 90 degree 4.3 litre V8, producing 490 bhp at 8500 rpm, with 465 Nm of torque at 5250 rpm...

Ferrari F430 Vs Audi R8
Those are the stats of a racing car. 0 to 100km/h in 4 seconds, covering 1000m from a standing start in 21.6 seconds. And all the time producing an unforgettable sound. Audi’s V8 is equally fascinating. More discrete in the noise it produces, developing 420bhp at 7800 rpm, with 430Nm of torque at 5500 rpm. As you would expect given the power deficit, the R8 takes an extra six tenths of a second to reach the 100km/h mark. So that’s the cards on the table from a technical point of view…it’s the same idea with two different approaches. The same is true aesthetically – each has its own character, its own beauty. Again, they are hard to compare. Beauty and the beast all in one? The racing influence is clear to see once again, with huge air intakes at the front and a spoiler on the rear, as well as lateral air vents…all in the name of performance.

Inside the Ferrari there’s a distinctive smell, a unique atmosphere. The Ferrari cockpit is unlike any other, and it is fully personalisable. The Audi is a bit more…well, Germanic, with its perfect finish and rigorously thought out ergonomics. Again, these two cars are so different…

Ferrari F430 Vs Audi R8 German precision and Italian flair…that’s the story of this battle. The Audi R8 is full of efficiency. The Quattro system inspires confidence and the R8 is simple, clean and well balanced. Its brakes are faultless, as is the suspension. The Audi is all-encompassing while retaining a competitive edge. The only small criticism is the speed of the gear changes in the R-Tronic gearbox, especially up against the F1 style unit in the 430. It’s perfect, responding instantly. The sound of the V8 makes you shiver…with the engine management system set to ‘race’ mode, it’s an avalanche of emotions. The sheer brutality forces you to think about what you’re doing…even if the Ferrari’s handling is flawless. Well almost, as despite having ceramic brakes, they do suffer a bit if you’re hard on the accelerator...but that does nothing to reduce the pleasure of driving this brutal machine! We love both of these cars. We have been seduced…they may have different temperaments, but their quality shines through, which is enough to make anyone realise that this is how cars should be!

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