Yamaha 400 Majesty test

Intro: Little GT

In the maxi-scooter category, Yamaha has enlarged its GT range with this latest version of the 400cc Majesty. An alternative to the sporting T-Max, the Majesty comes very well equipped for a clearly competitive price.

Esthetique: Practical and comfortable

Yamaha 400 MajestyAlthough there are similarities with the earlier versions, the Majesty 400 now sports dimensions worthy of a saloon. The new front and rear lights have been largely taken from car design. Well protected behind the windscreen is one of the most complete dashboards to be found in the maxi-scooter range. With a (needle tachometer) and a digital screen allowing the rider to keep an eye on all the vital functions of the machine. Comfort is one of the best features of the Majesty 400. The seat which opens with the ignition key shelters an exceptional compartment that offers no less than 60-litres of storage space. At knee level, the rider has a small but practical compartment on his right side and a locking 10-litre storage case on his left.

Seating comfort for the rider as well as a passenger is assured, thanks to the retractable backrest.

On the handlebars is a very clever parking brake, activated by the rear disc, which allows for parking this scooter on a downhill gradient. The very easy to use lateral kickstand is perfectly placed for when the rider of a Majesty wants to make a few short stops.

Motorization: Still the single-cylinder

The 400cc single-cylinder has 4 valves and (a double overhead camshaft). Injection powered, it delivers 34 horsepower at 7250 rpms and a torque measuring 3.7 mkg at 6000 revs. The dry weight comes in at 197 kilos.

On the road: Manoeuvrable and quick

Yamaha 400 MajestyDespite its imposing size, the Majesty 400 is very easy to handle in town. Well balanced, it is aided by a good turning radius for slipping through city traffic. When the traffic clears and the road widens one can take advantage of the Majesty’s convincing acceleration and sound craftsmanship. The automatic gearbox responds without hesitation and changing gears becomes a mere formality. Very firm, the suspension confers to the Majesty a very serious road holding. Despite the absence of front-rear coupling, the brakes are convincing and easy to control. On the longer runs one benefits from protection far and away better than the average scooter and a comfort worthy of the signature GT.

Characteristic Yamaha 400 Majesty

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