KYMCO KXR 250 test

Intro: WHAT’S UP DOC ?

Taking a departure from the usual at Party Cycle, today we present a four-wheel machine. In 2003 quads were finally homologated for on road use, which in turn provoked a sales explosion in the sector. More than 20 000 quads were sold in France last year. Today with a standard driver’s licence you can ride in perfect legality aboard a quad. In this fast growing market, the Taiwanese constructor Kymco has more than a 30% share, so we decided to see what was all the buzz about with this playful four-wheeler.

Esthetique: A REAL FIGHTER

KYMCO KXR 250The first argument in favour of the quad is of course its look. Large tyres, exaggerated wings, and these days the quads are taking on a more aggressive aspect. The KXR 250 is certainly no exception to the rule. Sitting quite high, the top of the Kymco range has some mighty wide shoulders, a mean look; in short this machine has a fearsome personality. A quick glance at the dashboard and you will immediately notice that the KXR 250 is not a complicated machine. A simple spedometer with an old fashioned odometer. There is no fuel gauge nor is there a clock, but when one is aboard a quad such as this, time is of no relevance.

Motorization: WELL EQUIPPED

KYMCO KXR 250Technically, it isn’t too bad either. The KXR uses a single-cylinder four-stroke 249cc motor, which delivers 17 horsepower and a torque of 14.4 foot-pounds. All of this is accompanied by an automatic transmission. It also sports a reverse gear.


KYMCO KXR 250The big innovation is that now you can also take advantage of the quad on the road as well as the dirt, and there it holds up its end of the bargain. The Kymco’s off-road origins are found in the automatic gearbox. It is a rather short box, which offers the KXR starting and accelerating qualities that are simply surprising. The top speed of the KXR now reaches the 90km/h barrier. While very fun to ride on the dirt, these machines require a period of adaptation for the road. Firstly, one must not hesitate to sway the Kymco from one side to the other even at lower speeds to counter the natural under steering tendency of a quad. Next, one has to become used to the behaviour of the rear axle.
Deprived of a differential, the KXR has a habit of sliding once the tarmac is not perfectly smooth. It is rather destabilizing at first but once you understand how to make the most of it, it becomes very fun and even a little bit over the top. It is thus necessary to be dynamic and precise when you put the KXR through a series of turns. The task is not an easy one, but it does become quite fun and for the more interested, here, in any case, the fun character of the quad comes to the fore. The question is also to know if this style of machine can be a two-wheel substitute in an urban environment. And there, things do become more complicated. Firstly, being a little more than a meter in width, the KXR falls victim to its larger dimensions then that of a scooter or a motor bike. Running in the car lanes is not at all possible. Additionaly, its natural tendency to under steer could be dangerous on the road, this handicap comes to the front as soon as one finds himself in traffic. In short, one musn’t be mistaken of the use of the KXR. This "Crocodile Dundee" machine is certainly not at home in town, you must take to the great outdoors to get the most out of this quad. As for the equipment, a big and pleasnt surprise is found in the brakes. The Kymco uses 3 disc breaks : one for each front w heel and one for the rear axle. You can independantly use the two brakes, thanks to 2 levers, like on a classic scooter, or call on the torque of the KXR, which acts as a brake on all four wheels. All of this with the very large size of the tyres makes for unbeatable braking distance. The Kymco KXR 250 is a fascinating machine, capable of tackling any off-road obstacle, while adapting judiciously to on r oad use. Indeed, the technical charactheristics of a quad call for specific uses, but it still remains a very diversified vehicle, capable of taking to the road for allowing you to then take to the beach, all the while offering you a machine that can also take you into town for a re-fill, for example. At 5300 euros, this quad offers a freedom most other machines on the market do not, and this is what make the KXR 250 so successful, and it is clearly not too soon.

Characteristic KYMCO KXR 250

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