Harley davidson "V-ROD" test


Harley davidson "V-ROD"The V-Rod has chosen to brake with the Harley Davidson myth going into the 3rd millennium. For 21 000 euros you can ride one of the most beautiful machines on the market presented by the Milwaukee house in three domains : the custom of the riding position, the dragster aesthetic and finally the motor that is well represented in the universe of Harley Davidson.

Esthetique: CONTINUITY

Harley davidson "V-ROD"This is perhaps the reincarnation of beauty in the motorcycle world. On finds the Harley in a dragster form, a very low line and amazingly long, with tons of chrome and polished aluminium. Just one word : Wow ! The V-Rod has unmatched look. The magnificent aesthetics are pampered. To the detriment of the fuel tank? Maybe. And the passenger seat? Without a doubt. Your riding companion best have a particularly small backside.The signature of the company is also found on the dashboard. Liquid crystal daily distance gauges as well as a fuel gauge are found on the V-Rod. Worth noting, the V-Rod also comes with a standard alarm system.

Motorization: A REVOLUTION

Harley davidson "V-ROD"This bi-cylinder in V form is not the biggest thing to see with its predecessor. Developed with the help from Porsche, the V2 has been widened from 45° to 60° angle. The 1130cc has been expanded to 1450cc, it has a double overhead cam, it is liquid cooled and comes with injection. Results : 115 horsepower and a torque of 10mkg. It is enormous. Enough to propel the 284 kg of the bike from 0 to 100km/h in 4.1 seconds and exceed the 210km/h barrier on the circuit. This Harley is a machine of reference. The V-Rod catches the connoisseurs wrong footed. It is impossible to think that Harley will not propose one day, a mount that would allow to better exploit this fabulous bi-cylinder. To top it off, the consummation remains reasonable. More or less 7.5L per 100km. With the relatively small gas tank measuring 15 Litres, one reaches the limits of the tank at around only 130kilometres.

On the road: SPACE EATER

Harley davidson "V-ROD"Often the brake system is the weak link of Harley Davidson, but with the V-Rod, all is changed : 3 292mm discs slow down without difficulty the 300 kilos of this beast. Two for the front with 4 piston yokes, one for the rear. The suspension offers a good comfort and respectable handling. Fans of Harley or not will appreciate the traditional toque associated with the brands reputation.In town, everyone will crack their necks gazing at the V-Rod. In rush hour, due to its low centre of gravity, it will take a steady hand strong hand to guide the machine through the traffic.

Characteristic Harley davidson "V-ROD"

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