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CCM 604The make CCM - Clews Competition Machine- will no doubt evoke some happy memories for off-road fans. This British firm was famous for a while in the seventies for its presence in international motorcross competitions, later to disappear from the circuit before making its comeback in the nineties.
The founding father of CCM, Alan Clews, is known and recognised for his technical innovations such as the hollow frame which can be used as oil tank or direct rear suspension.
Today, the CCM range comprises three different models: a trial bike, 604 Dual Sport, a supermoto version of the former and the roadster 604 RS.
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The 604 Dual Sport comes available as either a trial bike or supermoto. These models differ in terms of their wheel size, the trial bike's wheels are larger - 21 inch front wheels and 19 inch rear wheels - while the supermoto is fitted with 17 inch wheels. The trail bike's saddle is 6 cm higher than the supermoto. The 604 RS is of very simple design, CCM prefering not to focus on elaborate detail - its raw passion for motorbikes shines through.
The roadster 604 RS is remarkably different from the other models. The fittings are more intricate, particularly in the front section, with its rounded steering head. The mudflap has also been quite smartly finished. The rear, though less attractive, will be shortly redesigned to give the machine a more uniform shape.
This roadster's components are this model's strong point. Brembo brakes, Renthal new-generation handlebars, inverted steering head, White Power suspension set-up and Epoxy paint finish.

Motorization: IMPRESSIVE

These CCMs are equipped with a 598 Rotax single cylinder engine delivering 53 bhp and a torque of 7500 rpm. This 4-stroke engine can power the 138 kg roadster or 132 kg Dual Sport without any difficulty.
Its torque is quite astounding. In excess of 50 Nm, it provides the CCM 604 with breathtaking acceleration and staying power. A distance of 100 metres is enough for the needle to verge on the 200 km/h limit. Unheard of for a single-cylinder!


The Roadster 604 RS is housed in the classic CCM chassis, although the steering head is shorter. The swinging link and special suspension system have been improved. The RS, as a result, deserves its name of Roadster. It is dynamic and remarkably nimble. The braking is highly efficient.
The 604 Dual Sport has been given a slight overhaul, shedding 6 kg off its overall weight. Its suspension is adjustable comp/rebound. It is also equipped with the same high-performance brakes as the roadster. The only thing missing is a couple of slicks to enjoy a thrilling supermoto season.
The trial bike offers the same standards of off road performance and handling.

Characteristic CCM 604

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