Buell XB9R Firebolt test


Buell XB9R FireboltIt takes just one encounter with the Buell motorcycle to understand that this machine is different from the rest of the world production. Still, with only two models in the catalogue, the Cyclone and the lightening, the offer has for a long time stayed confidential. The presentation, since the last two-wheel world show, of the Firebolt and its stream of technical innovations has already been presented as a revolution. Today, we can re-affirm: for those who are looking for a sport, while retaining the side "relational" between the man and the machine expensively at Harley Davidson, the XB9R is a good bet.


Buell XB9R FireboltThe Buell XB9R Firebolt is demarked by its subtlety and by the presence of a superb head fork. Its largest innovation resides in its frame. The idea is to place a large V-twin in the chassis of a 250cc Grand Prix bike. Results, the frame of the Firebolt also incorporates the fuel tank. An excellent concept, resumed with the oscillating arm that welcomes the oil and also allows for re-cooling while running. Results, a significant gain in space and a footing of 1320mm, the most radical of the radical sport bikes.
Under the windjammer, we find the first "real" dashboard stamped Buell. It has a speedometer, rev.counter, warning lights, a kilometre gauge, a gauge for distance travelled on the present fuel load. Everything has been thought of and also visually agreeable.

Motorization: V LIKE VROOOOM!

Buell XB9R FireboltThe motor doesn't escape the rules. Buell stays obviously loyal to the bi-cylinder V, but for the rest, everything has been reviewed. Comparing the X1, the bore stay almost identical but the course has been seriously been reduced. By consequence, the motor is just 984CC, but it climbs higher in revs. And delivers 92 horsepower, all with value of torque very important thanks to the electronic injection: 92Nm at 5500 rpm. It is now equipped with a small oil radiator, an air forced cooling and a new air box for better respiration. Its weight of 175kg, it therefore is pleasurable without being scary.


Buell XB9R FireboltWith a chassis fitted for the racetrack, and a raised steering column, the geometry of the Firebolt approaches the Yamaha R6. But uniquely as it concerns the statistics because the handling is astoundingly easy. The reactions of the XB9R never destabilize. The riding position, sporting but supportable, and the technical characteristics makes its manageability easy and natural.
On the track, its handling is very efficient, its motor is courageous and its easy controllability are its main ingredients for pleasure. The surgical precision of the front axle allow for fine-tuning the trajectories and to get on the throttle earlier. In one word, amusing. The belt transmission is very smooth and well regulated by a pulley. The gearbox sometimes disconnects and proves a certain slowness.
On the road, the torque is well present, and we can take off in fifth gear at 2000 rpm. But the acceleration is lively and we find ourselves often nearing the red zone and the cut off that engages at 7500 RPM. Its stability permits passing the 210KM/h. The vivacity and the very instinctive drive of the package offer a huge smile. The braking doesn't call for any approach and it shows to be efficient.

Characteristic Buell XB9R Firebolt

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