Aprilia Atlantic 125 test


Aprilia Atlantic 125It was almost two years ago, Aprilia struck a real blow by unveiling, at the "world bike trade show" its maxi-scooter, the Atlantic 500. Presented only yesterday as an isolated case, today it has become the big brother to a complete line of its own, with the arrival of its new addition, the Atlantic 125. A name, which, right off the bat, imposed, certain vital values on the brand, An Atlantic absolutely must be Elegant and Easy to Handle.


Aprilia Atlantic 125Racy and elegant, the Atlantic 125 is impressive, with its wide fairing and its long front windjammer. The instruments are all there, easy to read and deluxe. The meters integrate a gas gage, an engine thermometer and a clock. The finish on the controls is unbeatable, the only bummer being the usefulness of it all. Indeed, Aprilia gave up on the lever under the index finger as light switches and replaced them with a control, which forces you to raise the thumb and flex the wrist a bit. It’s too long, and it’s dangerous. As for storage, the trunk underneath the seat can hold, without a hitch, a helmet. The box is cut in half to accommodate the frame. There are two kickstands on the Atlantic, a central one for maintenance and a lateral one with an on- off switch.

Motorization: LACK OF SPARK

Aprilia Atlantic 125The engine is right off the Piaggio factory line, it’s the same block that powers the X9, but Aprilia’s is catalyzed. That’s a plus for staying "ecologically correct". The single cylinder 4 stroke can get up to 13 hp at 9,500 revs/minute. It’s still fed by a carburetor and comes with a time-device automatic transmission. Less feisty than its cousin, the Piaggio X9, the Aprilia is more of a comfortable ride than an aggressive one. It does indeed lack a little in the "peps" department. However, it is very quiet, and perfectly isolated, the rider doesn’t feel any vibrations once he’s on a roll. Not even an engine switch going off.


Aprilia Atlantic 125Thanks to its shock absorbers, which reach a good compromise between road, hugging and easy riding, and the Atlantic 125 seems an obvious reference in comfort for the segment. The impressive fairing and the windjammer offer good, aerodynamic protection from extreme temperatures. Another advantage, the brakes which are equipped with what has become unavoidable technology, at least in this segment, a coupling of front and rear calipers. A mere action of the rear brake lever spreads out the power over the two brakes. An element, which ensure safety.

Characteristic Aprilia Atlantic 125

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