Build or Bust

Build or Bust introduces Motors TV to the realms of mechanical reality TV!

Russell Mitchell, a lover of motorbikes since his youth, is the boss of Exile Cycles, a manufacturer that produces around 20 top-of-the-range ‘choppers’ each year, sometimes selling for as much as $100,000. In Build or Bust, the tattooed bad boy will put apprentice motorbike constructors to the test.

The challenge is simple: spend one month at Exile Cycles, the black sheep of the motorbike industry, and completely design and manufacture a new motorbike from scratch. If the finished product meets with the approval of the boss, the apprentice leaves riding it; if not they leave on foot!

The high standards of the head honcho are somewhat draconian and the apprentice’s challenge is not made any easier by the slightly crazy, very tetchy band of Exile Cycles employees. Mistakes are numerous but often only pointed out to the unfortunate candidates at the end of the project.

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