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Motors TV Live Raceday

A new innovation in 2010, the Motors TV Live Racedays where an instant success. bringing LIVE coverage to some of the UK's best club racing series

The first, made-for-television events will took place at Mallory Park and featured some of the best racing in UK grass-roots motorsport.

A succession of ten-minute sprint races will include the 2CV 2CV Championship, Kumho BMW Championship, Easytrack Caterham Graduates Championship, BARC Dunlop Motorsport News Saloon Car Championship, Chris Knott BARC Intermarque League, SRCC Sports 2000 Championship and BARC Tin Tops Championship, ensuring a non-stop flow of entertaining live action.

Look out for more Motors TV Live Race Days in 2011.


2CV Championship -
Kumho BMW Championship -
Caterham Graduates Championship -
Sports 2000 Championship -
Saloon Car / Intermarque League / Tin Tops -

International broadcast - (click for UK broadcast)

No broadcasting coming next.

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