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05/07/2007 - 22:00 - BMW
Well done BMW 118D 3-Doors
After the success BMW has enjoyed with the five door version of the One Series, now comes the three door model, earmarked for a sportier client base.
05/07/2007 - 22:00 - Ford
Accelerating success Ford Mondeo 2,5T
We had to wait for ages and it our patients have certainly paid off. The new Ford Mondeo is successful in terms of power and a success in every way...
05/07/2007 - 22:00 - Audi
Master piece Audi R8
Here it is in living colour, this R8 was first seen at the Paris Auto Show, but here it is a lot more attractive than on a stand that simply didn’t do it justice.
05/07/2007 - 22:00 - Seat
Emotions Seat Leon Cupra
You are riding in the most powerful Seat ever to be built.
05/07/2007 - 22:00 - Renault
Not really a Twingo anymore Renault Twingo GT
According to Renault, you don’t purchase a Twingo for its design...Yet the Twingo has enjoyed tremendous success...
18/06/2007 - 22:00 - Honda
A proper GTi Honda Civic Type-R 2007
Welcome aboard the Honda Civic Type R, one of the rare sports cars that today is worthy of such a distinction...
18/06/2007 - 22:00 - Mercedes
Already a success MERCEDES CLASS C
It first saw the light of day 25 years ago, it is the best selling Mercedes : this is the fourth generation C Class
18/06/2007 - 22:00 - Audi
A job well done Audi S5
Audi left the confines of the coupe sector 11 years ago. Today, the German constructor is proud to be back thanks to the A5.
03/05/2007 - 22:00 - Dodge
Exotic Dodge Avenger 2.0 CRD
Dodge’s European offensive continues with the unveiling of its latest model: the Avenger
03/05/2007 - 22:00 - Dodge
Exotic! Dodge Nitro
It doesn’t get much more exotic than the Dodge Nitro. This is a model designed to make a mark on the overcrowded SUV market.

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